With the coming of age of time travel on planet HB123, in our reckoning 8776, careful adjustments and laws were passed forbidding activity changes which would significantly alter history. We have only been on this planet for 6 of their solar revolutions, and will be departing soon.  While going back in time was permitted, the traveler would be in a para-temporal period, a few micro-seconds out of synchronicity with that time period which would make them invisible and unable to participate in activities at that time. We are all aware of the extreme problems which arose when the first group of travelers tried to avert the noisy happenings at Pearl Harbor, which resulted in severe anachronistic phlegmons of thripitude and had to be aborted. As a result time travel earlier than that occurrence has been prohibited. Fortunately we have become familiar with their languages and a modality called alphabet.

The latest group, number 12 had been interested in studying educational modalities during that ancient period. So much was destroyed during their nuclear wars, that there have been great gaps in our knowledge of the inhabitants in this planet before our Norbitic repopulation occurred in 7567. Our report covers a thirteen week examination of a structure called P_blic Libr_ry found in the ruins of an old city called Now Yur_. To date we have not determined whether the missing letter in P_blic is an A or and O, but aside from that it really makes no difference. We know that the word “NOW” can be translated as “present time” and YURK is close to a word we found in the Asia area YURT which is a portable round structure in which people stored things or dwelled. So, now, Yurt has been determined to be a present day round structure, possibly for storing information.

The contents of the large P_blic Libr_ry is felt to be for information and enjoyment. Most of the contents are computer discs (very early computer storage units), but there are also a few partially destroyed, old reproducible visual delivery systems and vocal recordings. The word Libr_ry was translated by Heb 234 Gop to mean Computer access place, although Zem 43 Wik disagrees and says P_blic Libr_ry stands for Pubic Laboratory, a place where human genitals were examined. There were small rooms in several areas of the rubble which Zem felt may have been fertilizer repositories. I doubt that but I do respect Zem’s opinion on most things

There were also a few remnants called b__ks, an ancient method of record keeping. Only a few of these have been found as they are very friable and subject to destruction with heat and aging. Some of the remaining fleggerts (which they called paper pages), have important people’s names such as Miss Marple, Buggs Bunny and a title page called The Art of The De__L , the last word of which we have determined is Devil.

The attack on Pearl Harbor was determined to be an assault on a city to capture people who had lots of pearls, calcium carbonate, which are roundish white objects used for decorating fingers, ears and necks. We feel that they were a civilization without much culture and obviously their deterioration began in their early 2019th year as recorded in the last recognizable record sheet from what a reporter person called the Clown Presidency. We are not sure what this word clown means, but assume that presidency refers to their leader. The few pages of the report indicate that this leader was always working under a premise to make Amer_ca Grape. We know that a grape was a fruit and imagine that this was an expression about making the country fruitful. We will never know since there has been so much destruction.

The most interesting part of the discoveries was a solitary intact disc of bizarre sounds. Zem’s translations and interpretation of these sounds…Hip, Hop, Rap, Flop, were enough to cause the inhabitants to go mad causing the disintegration of their minds and entire intellect and probably led to the nuclear holocaust which ended the Clown Presidency and the civilization.