I’m not perfect. Very close in many areas but never perfect. You all want a perfect God; it fits in with your conception of the higher power, but not only are you mistaken, you also cannot conceive of perfection. There is no such thing. You have no ability to understand your universe, eternity or the infinite and there is no way I can explain those to you. That’s for me to know and you to think about!  But also you must accept that God is not definable or understandable and that I want it that way. Whether you choose to call me God, or Mohammad, or Adonai or Jesus or any of a thousand other names, you must understand that I am all of them and none of them. I exist and I don’t exist, and THAT you can’t understand or even tolerate.

You may like to think that your particular God is a perfect being; you want something perfect in your life. It’s just not that way. I do pretty well considering I have this universe and an infinite number of other universes which you can’t understand. The numbers of galaxies, much less suns and planets are so large that you have no expressions for that figure. So, when you intone or write that I created everything, hopefully you’ll allow for a few errors. Prayers are heard and occasionally answered and that should amaze you since you think I have so much to do. Actually, everything is done and has always been done. All this that you try to comprehend has always been and will always be. Do you understand the concept that something was created by me, but was never created but has always existed? That’s a tough one, I know. I am sure it bothers you to try and comprehend if and when there was a beginning, but you will never know and then as in other galaxies and other times, you will create ever more explanations to fill in the gaps of your understanding. That’s okay. Everybody has done it and will continue doing it. And in some planets, that desire has led to total obliteration of life and in others to a final realization that it’s okay just to accept what you don’t understand.

Many of you have considered that God is love. Good for you. That’s probably the closest you’ll come to understanding existence. Just be careful not to carry that concept too far. Humans want to analyze everything and you’re no different from a trillion trillion other galaxies and creations. Perhaps that was one of my errors; I gave too much intelligence to a creature that could never accept things as they are, ever searching for explanations and answers.

I created everything and accept everything just the way it is and has always been. I can make changes but prefer not to upset the balance that I created but didn’t create. For those times, and in the scope of my work they are relatively few, (a few trillion, trillion, trillion) I intervene on an individual, planetary, or galaxial level, one nebula at a time.

I like movies. Yes, hard as it is to understand, God likes movies and they exist throughout the universe, albeit in different forms. In your world, I loved that scene on Mt. Horeb in The Ten Commandments when Moses or Charlton Heston speaks to Me and I answer saying, “I am that I am.”

Those are the best words about me you can say, bar none. Remember that! I never thought when all this began or didn’t begin that the concept of God would cause hatred and wars and planetary destruction. That was a big imperfection, but in my actuality there’s no going back.

I have been asked many questions and the one I hear most often is, “God, are you lonely?”
“The answer is…there is no answer because there is no loneliness and neither joy nor sadness. Those are human words and human creations. Of course, I am never lonely, happy or sad in your definitions because there are no such things as lonely, happy or sad. “I am that I am” hits it on the head.

I have explained nothing and a few of you will understand the simplicity and beauty of that. The others can go eat worms! (Eating was another mistake I made!