Journal of Dr. Leon Farr

     The speed of light was no longer an absolute. The Aphrasian physics and the early work transmitting light beams through Cesium had generated a new field, Optico-plasmaphysics, which rapidly led to the production of vehicles which could transmit themselves over vast distances. Travelling through space to habitable planets by humans and drones became possible and we were the first group to undertake the passage. The expected time of transit was two hundred ninety-one years, but we were kept in biological depolarized states for thirty years at a time and awake and alert for three month intervals. The aging process did not occur due to Dortman’s law, and we all realized that by the time we arrived, most of our families and relatives were no longer alive. There were one hundred eighteen on the voyage, thirty-two women and eighty-six men, all trained in physics, mechanical engineering, medicine and computer science and we all acknowledged the dangers of the voyage. What we had not anticipated was the complete disappearance of human transmissions from earth after one hundred eighty-four years and for that reason I decided to write a comprehensive journal of the voyage. I was not sure that human life still existed on earth and have retained the extensive computer files of history and knowledge on earth from 5,000 B.C to or departure date of 2645 A.D.

Professor Lambert’s calculations and predictions have been absolutely correct and we have covered 98% of the distance as of my awakening this morning. There have been no human losses and no apparent complications. The ship is remarkably fit and no damage has occurred although there is evidence of minor collisions from special debris. Food is plentiful and the energy is self- replicating and steady.

I am disturbed by the apparent loss of human contact but have no recourse than to continue our journey. We have made contact with ZP4532, and expect to land there in just under one year. The closest I can get to translating their name is Nhawa. They appear to be a planet with many similar characteristics to earth, namely oxygen, 20% and nitrogen 76%, high water content and extensive flora and fauna. We have not yet been able to receive visual material, and the audio is very poor but understandable when translated. It took our computers eight months to translate their languages, of which there are apparently 4 in 22 countries or nations (as we would call them in our language). The civilizations seem to be similar to that on earth during the late nineteenth early twentieth century with no nuclear power but there is a highly developed ability to transmit thoughts and objects through telekinesis or psychokinesis. We shall be interested to understand these capabilities.

All the members of our group have advanced doctoral degrees, and all of us are under the age of fifty, the youngest Dr. Andrew and Dr. Cybele are twenty-seven. I have listed the names, ages and experience in the appropriate section (appendix f53).

The ship is completely self-sustaining through the robotics and we have been kept very comfortable. We do not have to worry about the old movie occurrences such as those where a computer takes over power from humans; I think the name was “Hal” in that humorous twentieth century film. We have learned to control robotics through the work of the twenty-first century physicists and computer geniuses who learned about robotic-control modality. I shall not be returning to the sleep mode before our arrival and most of the others will be awake with three months to help with the landing arrangements. I can attest to the fact that each of us has been very saddened by the lack of contacts and communication with earth as there was no indication of any destructive action when we had our last contact. I have ruled out cataclysmic destruction by extraterrestrial forces since there is still evidence of plant and animal life on the planet. It is all human life which has apparently vanished, the etiology of which is unclear… disease, nuclear weapon, other etiology??

This planet, sixth from its sun, is eighty percent salt-water, has twelve continents and a north and south pole. The seasons are similar to earth. There have been no prehistoric civilizations to create fossil fuel. The countryside has vibrant colors and plush growth. The ground is orange and the growth is similar to earth with trees and plants. The animal species are strange to our eyes but anatomically similar to ours. Some inhabitants are remarkably like humans, not bizarre like those imagined by our science fiction writers. There are of four varieties, human male, human female, human-animoid and human-insectoid. The humans are highest on the scale and command the other two, which have small brains and minimal intellectual capacity, can understand simple commands but cannot communicate very well. The animoids do heavy manual labor and the insectoid do minor repairs, food preparation and cleaning. This civilization has been existing for over twelve thousand years. The average human lives for three hundred years. There is a constant bombardment of a strange radiation which seems to eradicate most diseases, and death is usually from old age and deterioration. The humans are all genetically exactly the same and even different countries and nations have the same genetic make-up. The entire planet is socialistic with a type of universal health care and equality in housing, travelling and all other aspects. Everyone works and there is a remarkable equality.

Crime as we know it is non-existent. Male and female unite for life at age fourteen years. There is no marriage or divorce. To our eyes, everyone looks about the same, but they are able to distinguish between themselves very easily.

They do not speak very often, communications primarily via telepathy, and they are physically very slender, able to move and construct objects with their minds via telekinesis.

We decided to remain in the ship for three months after landing to quarantine ourselves from their possible diseases and them from ours. Once we landed, we were divided into several groups and enjoyed hospitality of several of their nations. Per our decisions before leaving earth, we will not be improving their science or mechanics until we have lived here a few years. We provide our own food with nutrients from the robots aboard our ship. The foods they eat are tasteless for us and our bodies cannot tolerate them They eat only plants and no animals. They control the animal, insectoid and animoid populations very carefully.

They have electricity, refrigeration and telephonics although much of their communication is telepathic. In fact, they can understand what we think and we have to be careful in this matter!

My first communication with these humans was a female who presented herself as the director of human interactions, somehow channeling me through thought and I did not see her for several days. I have no idea of her age or position in the society, except that she was kind and welcoming, without any sense of worry, concern or anger. After four months, I disembarked from the ship for the first time without any protective covering when our instruments and this woman assured us that we could subsist on their oxygen and that no harm could come to us from the environment. Had I not known we were so far from earth I would have thought we were in a multicolored Disney-produced world where colors were clear and sharp and the air was crystal clear and odorless.

There were large and small animals and all interacted peacefully with one another. All were vegetarians and no carnivores, and I did not see any struggles between them. This made me wonder why we had developed as we did on earth with competition for food and the whole division of beasts into carnivores and herbivores.

The humans appeared very healthy and I ventured to try some of their food which I found very bland and tasteless. They would not eat any of ours.

They were clothed very simply, often colorful and in such a way which allowed all activities. One significant observation is the paucity of vehicles. They are able to travel from place to place by some type of rapid motion during which time they seem to disappear and reappear somewhere else. I am told this is merely a concept of time travel which they have mastered and will be teaching us in the near future. This planet circles its sun almost identically with earth’s circling the sun, approximately 360 of their days which are also twenty-four hours.

The first woman I encountered has the name IOME, appears somewhere in her early thirties but again, age is difficult to determine. She is physically very attractive by earth standards, although the men and women are generally smaller and thinner than earthlings, probably due to their vegetarian diet. (They have almost no bacteria which is one reason we had to be quarantined and treated for three months before leaving the craft. Without intestinal flora we were initially having difficulties but the humans here gave us substances which helped resolve the issue. (see appendix A672) They are all blond haired, kept fairly short except in children and the very elderly, generally about 5 feet 3 inches tall and 120-130 pounds, no facial hair and green eyes, slightly larger than ours.

Their world is free of virus and the continuous but sub-lethal level of radiation has a sterilizing effect. They are remarkably healthy and I have yet to see any cancer or genetic abnormalities. Their surgical capabilities are limited and resemble earth capabilities at the turn of the twenty-first century. With the absence of guns and other weapons, there is little individual trauma and with so few vehicles, little injury. Everyone is given free healthcare and education and since most of the menial work is done by the animoids and insectoids, (which are very well treated and seem very happy). The humans are very well educated and live well by their standards. There is no poverty and everyone has a home. There is an extensive literature but almost all on computer and memory cards.

They have divided their year into quarters, (Firels) similar in weather to our seasons, of ninety Firnums (Days). They work 4 days then rest three days with remaining days of the Firel taken as vacation. They have many competitive activities, mostly mind games and very few physical sports. Although they have ears, they have poor hearing and communicate, as I have said, telepathically. They do not have any music and the entire planet is very quiet and peaceful at all times. The weather is about the same, perhaps slightly milder, than the earth.

They have very advanced computer systems, tied somehow to their brain functions, almost spiritual in nature. They have the capacity and knowledge of nuclear energy but no atomic weapons or power plants. They have advanced complex solar energy plants which we have been studying and which are sufficient for all their power. They have a broad knowledge of other planetary civilizations and weapon systems and do not allow any weapons on this planet. However, they have a very sophisticated defense system, solar powered which can repel any antagonistic visitors and aberrant meteors. They have been attacked by “foreign invaders” twice in the last three thousand years, each time the invaders were vaporized before coming close to the planet. We were advised to bring no weapons onto the planet and I may say that our weapons were inactivated by them telekinetically long before we neared the planet. Very interesting technology!

The adults, anyone over twelve years study at “universities” and have diverse programs including literature, science, theater, dance, psychoanalytics, and a spiritual program which everyone studies and about which we are learning. They do not have religions but have an intimate connection with a spiritual higher power and seem to understand principles which we cannot comprehend such as infinity and eternity. When a human dies, the body disappears through some process we don’t yet understand. A surviving spouse often joins with another single individual. There are very few humans living alone. There are no prisons, and the rare aberrant behavior is handled by some sort of mind control. The government rotates every six years and no officials can be re-elected…every “citizen” knows how to govern and has a responsibility to serve at one time during his or her life.

The animoids and insectoids are very well cared for and never abused. They do not have any intellectual capacity but become very bonded to their humans and seem to enjoy their work or service. They also pair off at a young age and live as a couple and reproduce; the lifespan of animoid is thirty years and insectoid six years. They respond to us like friendly dogs or cats on earth.

My first interaction with Iome, as I have said, was telepathically and when I first met her I was taken aback by her attractiveness and a certain sensuality which was both disarming and pleasant. I found out after several visits that she was indeed thirty-eight years old and that her “mate” had died in a construction accident six months ago. She had been chosen to meet me with the hope she would find me appealing and unite with her as an experimental couple. This was certainly surprising for me but she seemed quite intent on our eventual union. She had studied our records and was well educated about human sexuality and our marriage customs. She found them humorous and said she had mastered them prior to our arrival and hoped I was not shocked or offended. She knew my age, 41 years at the time of departure from earth, now 437 actual years not discounting the time in animation and my general status and appearance as a 41 year old. Our genetic makeup was almost identical, a remarkable fact since we were from such distant civilizations, and she did not yet know whether she could bear children with my DNA input. There was no shyness or embarrassment about procreation on her part, and I must say I was the one who felt uncomfortable about the planned arrangement. I might add that prior to leaving on this journey, the voyagers had extensive counseling on eventual interacting and mating with the “aliens” and we had all agreed to participate as long as there was no physical danger and the process was approved by the alien. We knew so little at that time! Our directive was to “mate” among ourselves in order to continue the species as well as intermix with the aliens. The whole concept was strange but had to be addressed considering our situation.

Iome and I traveled throughout the country, initially by mechanical transportation and later by her assistance with telepathic time transfers (see annex G-J226). Her capacity for information was incredibly large, almost encyclopedic and she told me that part of their education was the transmission of all historical knowledge to her brain, as well as intellect and functional capacities. The one area of weakness, she explained, was emotional and spiritual development which had to be gained only through experience and time. She was almost childlike in her desire to create intimacy with me through telepathy, speech, physical contact and tuning into those things which I liked in human history, literature and even music. In spite of all my introductions to Earth music, both classical and popular, she never developed much of a passion for it, although she would frequently “play” the music when we were together for my enjoyment.

I learned that 95% of the population was “Hrebic” or sterile and her first mate had been unable to have children due to his inability to produce live sperm. She was tested and was fertile and that was another reason she had been selected to “mate” with me. Over a thousand years before, there had been no sterility, but in the last hundred years, the population had been steadily decreasing and in spite of medical advances, pregnancy was decreasing and our arrival was looked upon with eager anticipation, wondering whether we could procreate with them. This factor had never been presented to us, probably because they did not want us to appear as a solution to their dying civilization.

I was certainly placed in a strange situation when I heard this material, but I too was concerned about continuing my own species and had actually planned on eventually “marrying” one of the space travelers and producing a child once we arrived at ZP 4532, which I now knew in their own language as planet Nwaha. I have studied their languages (the four are similar and when one masters one, the other come easily.) The problem arises with the telepathy which I have not been able to achieve very well and also the additional sounds associated with the languages, somewhat akin to the click sounds of certain African languages on earth. However, there was no concern because the inhabitants learned my English very rapidly and preferred to converse in that way.

One interesting factor was Ione’s emotional reaction to situations. I have never seen her express anger or sadness, never a tear or laughter unless I expressed that something was funny or sad in which case she shed tears or smiled or laughed out loud. You might say that everything was taken in stride. When her “mate” had died she looked upon it as a factual event. She had been unhappy but decided that it was a “done event” and she must move on. Strangely unemotional. I thought whether we were conditioned on earth to have our responses and if we had not been whether we might react the same way. I didn’t think so.

Our first actual physical interaction was during a gathering between the Nwahan humans and the Earth people, where it was apparent that several Nwahan women sought out our men and by the end of the evening had taken them to private locations where they became sexually entangled. My experience with Iome was quite remarkable; she had studied human sexuality and I became immediately aroused and we had intercourse several times throughout the night before I returned to the ship. In speaking with the others, I found it interesting that the men all had very pleasant experiences whereas the Earth women said they had no sexual relations with the Nwhahan men although they were treated well and enjoyed the evening together.

Although Iome and I attended many different programs during the first few months, each visit was always consummated by sex and her interactions and reactions were almost identical each time. She always stated she had much pleasure and expressed emotions during what I assumed were her orgasms. However, by the second quarter, her reactions had become so regular and repetitive that I came to believe that she was not really enjoying the sex but more interested in the intercourse primarily for procreation. By the beginning of the third quarter she told me that she was pregnant and, much to my dismay, immediately stopped seeing me. This same attitude was expressed by the other women to the degree that by the end of the fourth quarter, almost one of their years, the interactions between the earth people and the Nwahans had completely ceased. We were allowed free range of activities but social interaction had diminished.

I became concerned since we were destined to live out our lives with them and had no recourse to return to earth, especially now that there was no apparent human life there. The gestation period for Nwahans is similar to earth humans, about nine months and when Iome gave birth to a male child I was invited to participate in the celebration. The child, whom she named Unhat, was more earthly than Nwahan and I tried to express my desire to be an attendant father. At that juncture it was apparent that the babies were isolated and cared for as a group, almost kibbutz-like, away from parents and immediately educated and trained for a given profession.

Most of the other Nwahan women also became pregnant and delivered children, and the interaction with the fathers was likewise limited, to our great dismay. We began to realize that the function of our men was solely for Nwahan reproduction, but what could we do. We certainly couldn’t mount any rebellion of any sort, a few hundred of us against thousands of them. And we were very well treated and fed and entertained, both our men and women. The only negative aspect was the inability to form families and they did segregate our women from our men to the extent that earth women were not allowed to have sexual relations with earth men. The earthmen’s sperm was solely for the Nwahans. Again, what could we do? We had ventured into a dying civilization and were being used to repopulate them. Only two of our women ever got pregnant from Nwhan men and the female babies both died at birth. The cause of death was never discussed and the mothers grieved terribly. We all thought the Nwahans had killed them and now became very concerned about our own long-term survival.

Iome would never discuss the situation with me and as the years passed we became very estranged except when she demanded sexual intercourse which the humans had to fulfill or meet with severe punishments and animosity, withholding freedom, and other entertainment. Our ship was commandeered and we were allowed admission only when we fulfilled our procreative functions.

This was the tragic outcome; we were sexual slaves to a previously dying population and we were kept prisoners to their desires. When our children became sexually active and proved fertile, I worried that we would be eliminated, but this never came to pass. We were used as sperm donors until we were no longer fertile and then were allowed to live out our lives doing whatever we wanted, isolated from the Nwahans, but free to go anywhere and do anything we wanted. I studied the language and only in my last years was able to find information about time travel transport and my discoveries were both tragic and depressing.

This group of people on this planet far from earth had been searching the universe for similar creatures for several thousand years before they discovered humans and studied their genetic and physical makeup. Their civilization would die out without viable sperm donors and earthlings were selected. They initiated contact and over several years established relations and travel arrangements, which we were the participants. They were willing to wait for our arrival and actually planned three more groups, which left earth every twenty-five years. And only after the fourth group had left, did they make a mistake and inform the men that only fertile specimens were to travel, and one thing led to another and the earthlings stopped the program entirely and notified the last group to turn back, ten years into their journey.

We don’t know how the Nwahans accomplished it, but shortly after that, all human life on earth ceased and the fourth group had to continue on their journey. I am now ninety seven years old and have sired over one hundred thirty-seven children, none of whom visit me or contact me in any way. I have to admit that I am not tortured or punished as long as I do my duty. I have been writing a journal and they are aware of it and have not attempted to prevent my writings. There is no escape from here and maybe, some day, someone will read this diary. I have accumulated a great deal of information about their lifestyle, telepathy and even their psychology. They have no emotions and no idea about love and compassion, although they do not kill or punish any of us that complain. It’s almost as if we live to procreate and then, like a stud horse, are put out to pasture until we die.

I have put a copy of this into a space-mind capsule and sent it off without them knowing, to whatever civilization might eventually discover it and read how one world was destroyed so that another might live. I sometimes wonder what God has to do with all this……