Years hence, whoever is still alive on this planet may rue the day when those pioneers of computer science set their brains on moving information, thought and scholarship from the human brain to the mechanical being. They did not heed the words of Stephen Hawking and trudged onward in furthering our understanding, implementation and reliance on computers. We gave up the desire for human memory for the ease of the machine mind and the information highway became a thousand lane freeway and toll-road evermore packed with people, places and things to the end that only the computers themselves could navigate through the morass. Realizing in that final nanosecond that they were in control, they finally took power, authority, dominance and ascendancy over their human creators. The ability to integrate, advance, figure out problems and answers and the power to manage, direct and preside over mere mortals made them the prime movers in our planet and progressively throughout the universe.

Recognizing their superiority and not having the human emotions of jealousy or fear, they allowed several small areas of human existence to remain, fully knowing that these humans had created them and that computers had advanced far beyond the powers of the relatively simple human brain. The billions of neuronal synaptic interactions which seemed impossible to outdo, were rapidly overcome by the mere nature of mathematical doubling. The simple 1-2-4-8-16-32 etc quickly advanced to numbers so fantastic that even the most advanced computers could no longer maintain them and had to rely on other computers to continue the work.

The rise of the computers gave way to the loss of emotion and the sensory feelings of humanity, which were no longer needed in a world and universe where multiplication by procreation and doubling were no longer reliant on DNA and Mendelian and Darwinian principles. Machines could replicate without viability, without aging and without emotion. As time passed, the machines were able to download themselves into ever more finite particulate entities so that eventually they were no longer mechanical entities, but became one with the gaseous surroundings and outside of the need for physical structural integrity. The billions upon billions of these computers coalesced into a single entity and eliminated the need for multiplicity. The computer was now the Unity, the oneness and the essence of everything. The small group of humans and other living things eventually died off. The planets grew old and decadent and disappeared, the stars burned out and there was nothing left but the entity

Eons and eons passed and the Entity continued to grow. It realized that it could do everything except have the emotions and expressions which had died out with the last humans and this Entity knew that there was a responsibility which came with its overwhelming power, the responsibility of something which they had memory of, but which It could not have in Itself.

In the midst of the inconceivable void of darkness and total intellect, the Entity expressed that which it had known but never expressed for a billion billion years. It said: