I have always been amazed with the arrogance of humans. You have been on the earth for a few million years and only developed intellectually in the past fifty to maybe one hundred thousand years and yet you claim intellectual ascendance over all other species. Interesting. Now, I will not discuss how this information I am relating to you has been saved or produced. That is beyond your present comprehension. What does surprise me is that you cannot understand or comprehend that creatures which existed for over two hundred million years were mindless beasts dripping blood and guts from their mouths after having viciously eaten some other dinosaur prey.

          While we were not gifted with physical attributes which would allow us to create structures or leave written or vocal records, we did have an extensive intellectual life developed over millions of years which the humans of your time cannot even comprehend. The creature you call Tyrannosaurus Rex lived in community with the flora and fauna of this earth without having to create houses or buildings, without clothing or personal accoutrements which have become so important to the human being. We did not destroy our environment; we lived in harmony with it.

          Conversely, over millions of years we developed intellectual capabilities which would astound you. Our language was through telephasic communication of our minds and not verbal. We developed music through our thoughts and emotions, something you can’t understand. We had family relationships, emotions and perspectives about this world in ways which you cannot conceive. Whereas you have focus on physical accomplishments outside the body… science, literature, buildings, transportation and medical advancements… we developed internally, oblivious to all those unnecessary external items. We lived in our minds and took from the earth only that which we needed. We each lived for hundreds, rarely thousands of years with very little of what you call illness or deterioration. There was no no obesity or diabetes or heart disease. We were always physically fit and mentally alert. We lived within our world with no competition among ourselves.

          Like humans, we were carnivores but we ate after rapidly killing beasts usually with rapid death strokes, and no suffering. We did not create countries or kingdoms, there were no caste systems or economic differences between us. We did not live to expropriate the next beast but lived in harmony. Did we have arguments? Occasionally, but no battles or wars, no holocausts, racial, genetic or religious pogroms.

          Each T.Rex was an equal individual and though you cannot comprehend it, over millions of years we developed individual intellects probing the most esoteric aspects of life, science and philosophy which you had to write and struggle with over the few millennia which you had to develop your creations and thought. We realized after a few million years that all that external stuff was only fodder for jealousy, discontent and misery. Where has your quest for wealth, so-called comfort, “things” gotten you? There is more pain and suffering, poverty and sadness in your world now than ever before. We had almost none of that. As a result, we never sought to build or create things external to our minds, thus our front arms were small and relatively useless for doing the artistic things which you treasure such as art and music and creating machines which will eventually destroy you.       

          But the fact that you actually can’t conceive that a dinosaur (your word) species which has existed for two hundred million years, could have developed as we in fact did, is only a sign of your ignorance and arrogance. We had colossal memories and no need to record anything. We created music and literature and art in our minds which we learned to transfer to everyone around us without need for external things. We ate what we needed, lived and loved, without hatred, litigation, need for money or savings or retirements (a thing which makes me laugh when I think of the stupidity of it all.

          We died because of the comet which hit the earth, and that was truly a sad happening. But remember that as a species we existed for millions of years and developed an intellectual world which I doubt you will ever achieve. You are too dependent on external things and won’t develop your minds as a result. You focus on external wealth without realizing that there is an internal wealth in your minds which apparently will never be tapped. You are destroying the planet of which you are an intimate part, believing you are the only important species.

          Take a moment to consider what your world would be like if you had developed along different lines. You would live in a climate you tolerated, you would have enough food, no wars, no governments, no money or taxes or institutions. No armies or class distinctions, no obesity or theft or envy, no desire for other people’s things, no murder of your species or prisons or executions, no autocrats or religions. Just cohabitation of your world as we did for so many millions of years.

          It is impossible for you to understand how we produced intellectual productions akin to your art, literature, opera, music, and other creative things, merely in our own minds. We had our Shakespeares, our Leonardos, and our Verdis, but in an intellectual and spiritual sense which you have not yet achieved and have several million years to go before you will achieve that ability. And you measure brain size thinking that is the defining quality of intellect. How stupid and wrong you are. I can assure you that the beast you call brontosaurus with a tiny brain case, had developed more intellect and knowledge than any human alive today.

          I remember the destruction of our species so many millions of years ago and my only sadness is that we could not have prevented that in some way. Of course, we knew it was coming and tried to fend it off intellectually as we had several others over the millennia. But that one was too large and we failed. But we did have a “good run” as you would say.  Just look to the dinosaurs in a different light now you have read this and recognize that one day, perhaps a couple million years from now if your species still exists, that once there was a T Rex and friends who were able to live in their minds and also live with love and respect for their planet.