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       For what it’s worth to you, I am a long-tailed pterosaur and my contemporaries lived in the Jurassic period about 200 million years ago. I learned all this much later in my life through my contacts with the internet; I won’t go into how I accomplished that until later!

          You have no idea what it is like to be the last remaining member of your species and the loneliness is almost unbearable. There were all kinds of goings on those last days and the time warp was something awful. I felt pulled and pushed until I thought I was going to split in half. I could see mama and papa in a distance and then I disappeared into this long hole with strange colors and bright lights and I must have fallen asleep. When I awoke I was here; different plants, different air and temperature, different creatures, no dinosaurs and occasionally those things that walked upright on two legs. I’m not usually scared of anything, but this time I was more than petrified with fright. I was seven years old at the time, an adult in our species and the whirlwind of time passage seemed endless to me. I was essentially alone in this “happening” except for a small fern and some rocks where I had settled for a moment so long ago, after a flight. The edge of a ledge had been ripped away from the mountain where I was perched during this “happening”. At first, I thought it was some kind of updraft of wind which I had sometimes encountered on the steeper slopes. But no. There was a loud roaring sensation and I felt enveloped in a cocoon-like environment which held me firmly and wafted me off my perch along with those few objects.

          I am an excellent flier and did not fear falling, and I expected that when this encompassing “something” released me from its grasp, I would fly away. There were many larger flying creatures and I knew and could recognize them with their huge beaks and sharp teeth. If I had been grabbed by one of them, I would have been killed instantly. I’ve seen that happen to others of my species and it’s a bloody mess, but over in a split second…no suffering. Usually the victim doesn’t even know it’s been attacked.

          So, after a few moments when I was still conscious and knew I was alive, I realized I had not been caught by another flying creature, and being high on a mountainside knew no other creature could reach me. So I was very confused being in some kind of vortex. This lasted for a while and then I must have passed out and awoke to find myself enveloped in a kind of liquid which kept me floating and constantly moving along in a sort of tunnel. Then as quickly as this had begun, it ended and I found myself on a mountain ledge in a totally different surrounding. The air was heavier to breathe, the temperature cooler and the surrounding plants and trees different from what I had known.         

          I was free again and I glanced around and could see nothing familiar. The other members of my flock were gone and there were several small flying creatures within my vision. I later learned that these were birds but they had beaks and no teeth like me.

          I have been unable to communicate with any creatures here and I fear that they are either very stupid or have brains unlike mine and are unable to think and interact on any intelligent level. In fact, the only creatures that I found with any intelligence or communicative ability are the ones that walk on two legs, called humans. I discovered their intellect shortly after arriving here seeing them speaking into what I have learned are “cellular phones”. However, when I swooped down and tried to interact with them, they began screaming and trying to hit me with sticks and one even tried to shoot me with (I later learned) a gun but missed. They dropped the cellular device and ran off. I took that object and carefully spent several days examining it and learning about these humans and all their knowledge which was accessible through their little device. Although we were thinking creatures, we had no such complex machinery. It was fascinating to read about what was going on in his strange time and world into which I had been delivered by some unknown force.

          There was no understanding of our lives from what I could gather from the instrument. We in the so-called Jurassic period were just dumb creatures…how humorous is that.

          My dilemma came to realization when I found that I could not communicate with the humans and every time I saw one, they made an attempt to injure or destroy me, so I have learned to keep away from them. I am alone in this new world and assume I shall have to fend for myself alone until I die. I don’t know how or why this transmission through time has occurred and at this juncture I no longer care. I will probably never see my family or friends again.

          I tried to form a friendship with a bird called an eagle but it only attempted to injure me with its beak and sadly, to defend myself, I had to quickly decapitate it with my sharp teeth. I have had similar experiences with other large birds but none of them is interested in anything I have to convey and certainly not any sexual interaction, which had been one of the main sources of entertainment when I was with my kind so many eons ago.

          So, I have spent my days educating myself by stealing cell phones which run out of power after a few days, and I am not in a position to recharge them. It’s very easy to steal them, especially at night with open windows when they leave them while sleeping, thinking nothing can come through their windows. The humans are indeed interesting creatures. From what I gather, many of the living things of my original era disappeared after a meteor collided with the earth, and there are no more dinosaurs or pterosaurs left in this new world. I was hoping that some day the same vortex would take me back to my original home and time, but after several years I doubt that will occur.

          When I am older, I will deposit this diary on someone’s internet and hope it will be found and circulated so that these humans can understand a little more about what really happened in the Jurassic period. I miss having a friend and a love life. I have flown all over this continent and soon will attempt a flight across one of the great oceans to another continent and continue my explorations. I will sign off for now. If, however, you ever see a strange flying creature with a long tail, teeth and a vane-like structure at the end of its tail…it’s me, a rhamphorhynchus… I won’t harm you since I only eat fish and if you can be even a bit friendly I can clue you in on a lot of Jurassic information.

          And from all I have studied, I can give you good leads on stock options!